8 oz. wax candle in artisan blown smoky gray glass. The glass was hand blown, made to be repurposed. The candle is packaged in a small vintage parcel made of post consumer recycled paper and a black wax cord.

 Approx. 60 hours of burn time

Bitter Orange & Lavender:    Tart Seville Orange oil, marmalade and Orange bitters are blended with Barreme lavender. Finished with Chalky soil and floral notes and a hint of mango extract.

Dream within a Dream:  "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream"- Edgar Allen Poe  Nostalgic Heliotrope and silken powdery notes of creamy bourbon vanilla melt into seductive amber and dark patchouli oil. Lemon blossom and a whisper of white grapefruit leave fragrant traces of dreams yet to unfold.